Here comes the rain!!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Welcome to my blog, well at last we have a bit of rain, which may bring some of you inside and putting jeans back on!!,,

Eeek, Lockdown softness has appeared what am I going to do?

  1. DO NOT PANIC! Panicking is not going to get you anywhere, it leads to stress, confusion, instability and resignation.

  2. MAKE A PLAN! What needs to stay, what needs to be reduced and what needs to go. For example: Training to stay, Alcohol reduced, Pizza , crisps, fatty foods to go.

  3. LOOK AT THE NUMBERS! For example: I will not crease my exercise by one or two classes a week, I will reduce the days I drink, I will replace the snacks with alternatives e.g Carrots and Humous

  4. MAKE SURE THE CHANGES ARE NOT TOO EXTREME! When starting to make changes small ones are far more achievable and easier to stick too and then become a habit.

  5. DON’T GO DAFT! This has to realistic the changes are the beginning of your journey and so take it slowly, don’t go all out and crash and burn. We still want to enjoy being sociable and don’t want it to bring on binging.

  6. GIVE YOURSELF A TIME FRAME! Just a cautionary note: people put on more weight deciding to go on a diet next week than those who start right away! Why? Because they eat for England as this is the last this and the last that! So the time frame is how many weeks to start with for example.

  • week 1 - change snacks, don’t drink two nights a week, start a class or do another different class

  • week 2 - start to add a glass of water to every glass of alcohol you have (if it’s alcohol you are trying to cut down on) look for some relaxing videos to chill to before bed

  • week 3. Getting into the habits from week 1 and 2

  • week 4 Take a stock of, how you feel, praise yoursel, look towards the next four weeks and what changes you are going to make, what you are adding etc.

Bring fit and healthy is not just about being a smaller pair of jeans. It’s about being comfortable in the ones you already have, embracing who you are, but most importantly being of sound mind and body.